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Celebrity Zoo: Commentary on
The Surreal Life
, Season 4

Starring: Da Brat, Christopher Knight, Joanie Lauer, Verne Troyer, Jane Wiedlin, Marcus Schenkenberg, Adrianne Curry

Episode 1: Nobody Puts Mini-Me in A Corner, Except Himself
Episode 2: Misadventures in Babysitting
Episode 3: Rancho Kook-a-munga
Episode 4: Pole-dancin' and Brady-romancin'
Episode 5: Pitchers with Self-control Problems
Episode 6: Love Comes Walking In, or Maybe It's Just Ron Jeremy in a Diaper
Episode 7: Joanie Loves Tragedy
Episode 8: An Alan Smithee Production
Episode 9: What is Sally Jesse Doing the Other 364 Days a Year?
Episode 10: Has-Been Seems to be the Hardest Word

Episode 2 - 01/16/05


I thought it was brilliant that the show came up with a way to torture the celebrities by forcing them to be responsible for human beings that weren't impressed by them. Like Jane Wiedlin, I had to wonder what kind of parents would leave their kids in the hands of people they didn't know. Maybe they thought the presence of the cameras made them safe, but they should have taken note of how the puppy was mistreated last season by Flavor Flav. We would never let our puppy Hugs stay in that house, however we do like to drive Hugs crazy by imitating Verne's drunken incoherent moaning from the last episode. Hugs jumps on our heads when we do it.


It was interesting that on the morning after, Verne showed no remorse or embarrassment when told that he got naked and peed on the rug in his drunken stupor. I got the feeling it's not unusual for him. Apparently none of these celebs have kids, but they still had a pretty good attitude about the babysitting. I was glad to see Da Brat engage more with the roommates and the kids. She even helped clean up after the kids left. I guess she has decided to stop complaining to her agent and just go with it. Chris and Marcus didn't have much to do in this episode, and, unfortunately, they were mostly clothed. Jane was delightful, charming the kids with her face painting idea and helping with the clean-up. Adrianne showed some Ryan-Starr-drama-queen tendencies, overreacting when some of the whiny kids wanted to go home. But she did take the mission seriously and worked hard. I felt bad for Verne, when he said kids were often scared of him and it proved to be true. It seemed like the producers didn't anticipate that - or maybe they didn't care. I had to laugh when the celebs were just plain exhausted after a 4-hour work day of babysitting. Only Joanie was awake, until the wee hours, dancing around and practicing wrestling moves in her bikini, trying but failing to rouse her housemates. Her antics seemed a bit forced to me, just as fake as the WWE.


Coolia’s weekly rankings:

  1. Jane - Good with the kids, nice face painting
  2. Da Brat - Much more involved this week, played with kids, helped clean up. She gets the "most improved" award.
  3. Chris - Mr. Congeniality, but needs to walk around shirtless more
  4. Verne - I felt sorry for him that he had to be taunted by the kids, but at least he didn't get drunk this time
  5. Adrianne - Too dramatic but at least she cared about the mission
  6. Marcus - Didn't say anything, didn't even look particularly good in this episode - not a value add
  7. Joanie - Trying too hard, with her after-midnight martial arts drunken routine

Nerdia’s weekly rankings:

  1. Jane - Showed contemplation and depth in commenting on the experience of being on the show and did something engaging with the kids, the face-painting. None of her kids ran off crying.
  2. Da Brat - She showed some mothering ability and she cleaned
  3. Chris - We didn't see him interacting as much, but he didn't do anything wrong. He showed off his hot body in the opening scene
  4. Adrianne - Although annoying, she has turned out to be my favorite reality show celebrity of all the seasons thus far. She did overreact through most of the episode. Her tension probably made the kids cry.
  5. Marcus - I have absolutely nothing to say about him. He's blank.
  6. Joanie - She did work with the kids but she was completely annoying and self-obsessed and possibly high at the end
  7. Verne - I felt sorry for him with the kids and felt the show put him in jeopardy, but he could have put forth a little effort and tried to clean. Even if he failed to be productive, at least he would have tried. He makes it hard to feel sorry for him.

Your thoughts?

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