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Ape-Shirts! They're In!

Like Randolph Duke told Mortimer Duke in Trading Places: "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Below, Helga Sophia Ladd models our brand-spankin' new selection of top of the line, 100% cotton Ape Shirts.

Go directly to Ape Shirt Pricing & Ordering!

Still alert after all these years: our
model, a demure age of 13, still
enjoys sports and leisure activities.

These relaxing, form-fitting, trend-setting t-shirts will be a huge hit at the dog park!


Helga's turn-ons include chewin' chips of rawhide and chillin'!

Turn-offs include being forced to socialize with Nerdia's dates and wearing human clothing!

Active wear for pensive moments!


"Where's my make-up man?!...Whose ass do I have to kiss to get a milk-bone around here?!"


Ape-shirts: perfect for canine cults!



Helga is very trim in this green Ape Culture ensemble. But read her heart-breaking Fat Pet story.



Ape Shirts come in two colors:
refreshing green &
casual brown

View from those punks standing
directly behind you at rock concerts

Ape Shirt Pricing & Ordering

1. Ape Shirt Sizes Available:
M, L, XL

2. Ape Shirt Colors Available:
Refreshing Green
Casual Brown

3. Ape Shirt Fees:
(US) $10.00 per t-shirt
$ 4.00 US shipping & handling ($1 per each additional shirt)
(email for International Order shipping fees)

Methods of Payment:
We accept payment by check, money order and Paypal.
(Through Paypal, we can accept credit cards or bank transfers.)


Email apemail@apeculture.com with any questions or for Paypal instructions.

Make checks payable to Julie Wiskirchen. Send your order information (be sure to cover items 1, 2, and 3 above) with payment to Ape Culture, 3552 Kelton Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90034.


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ŠApe Culture 1998-2007 and evermore.

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