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You get completely wasted on those free casino cocktails and end up marrying a friend, Falling James Moreland, lead singer of the band The Leaving Trains. Falling James likes to wear women's clothes and he's never going to be a big star. You get that marriage annulled within a year and get serious with your band. You play your first gig, opening for L7, and release a single: "Retard Girl." Billy Corgan catches your fancy and you date him for a while until you meet Kurt Cobain. You fall for Kurt immediately but he's not interested in a relationship. You harass him just as you harrassed Julian and Rozz before him, showing up at gigs and sending him a heart-shaped box that will later be immortalized in a Nirvana song. Finally, you lure Kurt to your house with this promise.

Jam session


Deconstruction of Valley of the Dolls

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