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Kurt comes over because he thinks you've got heroin. You don't. He falls into bed with you anyway and the sex is great. You're never separated for more than a few weeks after this night...until your final separation. It's 1991 and Hole's first album Pretty on the Inside is released to mixed responses from critics and fans. It's too intense for some, but you show your playful side with a cover of Joni Mitchell's "Clouds" which you describe as "a major diss at my mom" who had forced you to sing that song on road trips. A week later, Nirvana's album Nevermind is released and life will never be the same. Kurt has difficulty dealing with the fame, especially when people accuse him of selling out (note to all aspiring musicians: if you don't want to be famous, just keep playing in your garage...it's that simple). Kurt deals with the pressure and with his chronic stomach pain by increasing his heroin usage. You get blamed for this and for tensions between Kurt and the other guys in the band and begin earning your rep as "Grunge Yoko." You get pregnant and realize you'd unknowingly used heroin in the first few weeks of your pregnancy. You marry Kurt and get quite a shock when you give birth.

Your baby is taken away

Your baby is born with two heads

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