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You're Pee Girl. You're Miss World. You're Althea Flynt.
You're the girl with the most cake.

What? You say your therapy bills are high enough? You can't handle the emotional stress of being Ms. Love? Don't be such a wuss. Get in touch with your inner riot grrl...you're gonna need her.

You probably come to this assignment with a strong opinion about Courtney... love or more likely, hate. You'll learn that things are never so clear cut when you're in a Courtney state of mind.

Dive off that stage

This adventure was brought to you in 2000 by Julie Wiskirchen, who has seen Hole on their Fall of 1994 post-traumatic stress club tour, again at Lollapalooza in 1995, and one more time in 1999 in a college gym reviewed here. In addition to this visceral experience, Julie read Courtney Love: The Real Story by Poppy Z. Brite and Courtney Love: Queen of Noise by Melissa Rossi, The Lollapalooza Diaries, and she watched Nick Broomfield's incoherent and inconclusive doc Kurt and Courtney.


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