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While you're pregnant and not entirely in your right mind, you're interviewed by Lynn Hirschberg for Vanity Fair. The article reveals that you did heroin while pregnant and paints a very unflattering portrait of you. You pose for one photo smoking and your cigarette has to be airbrushed out in the magazine because Tina Brown doesn't want to encourage pregnant women to smoke. When you give birth on August 18, 1992, Kurt is in another wing of the hospital in rehab. He wheels his IV stand down the hall to be there with you. It's no surprise that your baby girl, Frances Bean (called Bean because that's what she looked like to you on the ultrasound) is taken away by family services. Your half-sister gets custody for 2 weeks and you only get supervised visits. You regain custody and flee LA for Seattle, where you buy a house in the suburbs and rent another one in the city. You live in squalor and go through over 30 nannies and just as many maids. One maid arrives for her first day of work and runs away screaming, "Satan lives here!" Still, you're regarded as the First Family of Grunge and a historic meeting takes place between Axl Rose and you and Kurt at the MTV Awards when Axl tells Kurt...

"Got any crank?"

"Shut your bitch up or I'm taking you to the pavement."

"Loved your record, man. Don't ever change."

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