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That’s what police want to do with you now. But you’re always hit with at least 25 extortion attempts a year so you hide behind that as your defense. Police raid your house and condo in Century City and carry away boxes of items. You are in Bangkok at the time. You collapse emotionally and are given Percodan and Valium because you can’t stop sobbing and vomiting and refuse to eat or speak. You are put under a 24-hour suicide watch.

You cancel shows. You become hooked on Percodan and other pain-relieving drugs. Your legal team asks that the case be postponed for six years. Interestingly, the statute of limitations would run out around then.

A new wrinkle occurs in the case…the police are requesting an interview with you. You have some evidence they need. What do they want to see?

Your Nancy Drew diary?

Your Netherlanders?

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