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In the divorce proceedings, your mother accuses your father of giving you acid when you were only 4 years old. Hadn't he heard of Flintstone vitamins? After the divorce, your mom remarries and gives birth to two girls. You live on a commune and your neglectful parents send you to school in unwashed clothes, earning you the nickname "Pee Girl." Your mom changes your name to Courtney, because apparently Love no longer applies.You're not adjusting well to all these changes and you draw pictures of your little sisters getting disfigured and murdered. The family moves to New Zealand. Your parents force you to sleep in a hut by yourself, with only the sheep to keep you company. Then, just as you're approaching that difficult junior high age, they send you back to Oregon to live with one of your mom's ex-boyfriends. You're still hell on wheels and you get sent to reform school because of this crime.

Punching a junior high classmate

Shoplifting a KISS T-shirt

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