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John declares that craps is your game and hands you the dice. You're hot, and your $20 ante soon grows to $2000. You fly back to New York, then move to L.A. Lou Adler signs you to his label and produces your first album. "California Dreaming" tops the charts. You celebrate by having sex with Denny. John finds out and moves out with Denny, forgiving his tenor because, well, Denny's a great tenor, and, well, you're just a wicked temptress. You're a sex machine and you take up with Gene Clark of The Byrds. When your band plays the Hollywood Bowl, you put Gene in the front row and flirt with him all night. John's furious. He writes you a "Dear Michelle" letter and gets the others to sign it. You read it and go numb. You've been kicked out of The Mamas and the Papas.

Grovel for forgiveness.

Try for a solo career.

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