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You meet your first true love, Dee Harrington, at an end-of-the-tour party. You pick out a big castle for your first crack at domestication. The Faces release Stay With Me. You go on tour, dubbed the circus tour when things get pretty wild. Hotels ban you from coast to coast, a veritable badge of honor. You are in heavy competition with the Rolling Stones in almost every aspect, including destructive hotel behavior. You even mimic Jagger onstage. Give it up -- there's little hope time will judge you anywhere but deep in their shadows. Once, you punch Helen Reddy's husband in the face for not vacating their room soon enough. Good times. You indulge in your groupies and 1972 glam rock. Crabs: they come and they go. You win a stage role for the musical Tommy and you are the only actor who causes problems. Critics accuse you of giving a lackluster performance.

You go back to your ostentatious home and sulk, convinced everyone, including your household staff, is ripping you off. So you stop paying them. British taxes are tough so you decide to go into tax exile in order to protect your cash-pile from the British tax man and all those pesky British social programs. You're successful but you're depressed. Dee suspects something's up and she discovers you're addiction to cocaine. At one point you swallow a bottle of valium and hide in the bathroom while Dee panics and calls for an ambulance. Finally, Dee gives you the ultimatum: Drugs or me.

Dump that monkey off your back.

Or dump the drugs.

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