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You move Dee to California and then proceed to leave her at home knitting tea cozies while you peruse your interest in leggy-blondes...because you can. Hey, you always saw yourself as a solo artist, what can you say. You hire a PR man to keep your name in the papers. Allegedly, you become insulted when he sends a hooker to your room. Imagine, you having to pay for it! And you have a point.

You're about to meet the James Bond girl, fresh off a relationship from Lou Adler and a tumultuous three year marriage to Peter Sellers (oh, what went wrong). Dee catches you with Britt Ekland at the Troubadour. Male pattern misogyny: you're not sneaking around, you're playing both sides openly. And you're not about to give anyone the courtesy of ending a relationship with dignity. Dee's a smart girl. She exits quickly, stage left.

Do you feel a shred of guilt for your dastardly behavior?

Or do you indulge overdrive with Britt

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