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Unfortunately, this page of your life does not exist. You can't sing, but maybe this can work for you, too. You're pushy, remember. And even though record companies can't pick a single, radio stations used to be able to. You convince a station to play the b-side of a single called "It's Gonna Rain." The song "I Got You Babe" becomes your signature song and History is born. A decent debut album goes #2, the single #1, you're on "Shindig," you sell out the Hollywood Bowl. A couple of horrendous Sonny ampersand Cher records follow, some Cher solo hits, a movie no one goes to see and then the youth culture goes all tie-dye on you.

Record buyers now want to become one with their lava lamps, not watch you two with your anti-drug spots and your paisley love. Rock stars doing anti-drug ads won't take off until the mid-80s when everyone's in rehab. Therefore you're stuck in the extremities of Uncooldom. Have a seat. You'll be here for awhile. Chastity makes her first appearance in '69 and it's hard to pay the baby bill. Your records have been flopping. You do "Laugh-In" spots and campaign for Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. Isn't it ironic? Don't cha think? And now it's time for something completely different:

You devise a Sonny ampersand Cher nightclub act.

You retire to flash-in-the-pan obscurity.

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