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You've got a brand new tux and gown repertoire. Night after night, club to club, it's a cheap hotel circuit, grueling hours, the whole gigabit. Cher is miserable and she gives you three years to scheme a comeback. You finagle an offer for a summer replacement series on CBS. Nose job for you, boob job for her, you've got a hit variety show, more No.1 singles and Tony Curtis' old creepy house in Holmby Hills. But you've drifted apart. Your road show has broken Las Vegas records, there are mobs in airports, but your house is not a home. The private pain, the humorless existence. And everyone's sleeping around while Chastity and the television audience at large slumbers away in sweet innocence. Cher meets David Geffen and she sleeps with him while this is still possible. He encourages her to lose the Sonny. No love, no show. Is this the end for you?

You win Cher back.

You do battle Burt and Loni style.

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