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You aren’t the only one with music in your genes. Tito was the one who was drawn to the off-limits guitar in the first place. He is the one who incurred the Wrath of Joe. And Joe is the one who, in-between attempt to kill Tito, had a change of heart. Why pummel the young lad for something that simply comes natural to him? Why not force-march him through three hours of daily rehearsal for a singing act in an attempt to both show Tito the consequences of his actions and to live out his personal dream of musical stardom vicariously through his sons. Hey, it just might work. Therefore, Tito is actually the genesis of The Jackson 5. You don’t make the cut at first but you have nothing else to do on your down-time since you have no friends other than a rat, who is often tied-up, so... you follow your brothers around mimicking their dance moves and banging on your bongo drums.

Much to your brothers' chagrin, you dance better and sing better than all four of them. Joe sticks you in as a novelty. You are bossy and direct the whole show. You tell your brothers where to stand and what to wear. Within the year you have replaced your sensitive brother Jermaine as the lead singer. Do you care? Hell, no. You weren’t raised to have no stinkin’ feelings. Feelings are for punks like the Osmonds. All teeth, no soul. Joe’s little group wins prizes all over town, thanks to you. You have star-quality from the get-go. Joe takes the show to Chicago and has no scruples about booking you in bars and burlesque joints. He even directs you to cavort with the strippers. Your mom feigns ignorance. Before long, your group opens for an act whose lead singer is responsible for helping you get your big break. Is it:

Gladys Knight of Gladys Knight and the Pips?

Diana Ross of Diana Ross and the Supremes?

Elizabeth Taylor of Elizabeth Taylor and the Pussywhips?

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