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…to keep Diana from lying when she's sleeping with Berry Gordy Jr.

Diana Ross likes to SAY she discovered The Jackson 5 but she didn’t. It would seem Diana likes nothing more than to take advantage of her position as a Diva-bitch and screw other women out of their due. Look at how she treated the other Supremes. In fact, she was in the act of dumping the other Supremes for her big splashy solo breakout when you were ready to be officially discovered. Since she was sneaking around with Mr. Head of Motown, she got the plush job of introducing your group to the world. But it was one big lie-ola. Motown concocted the whole story. Ross possibly didn’t even want to be bothered with you, so consumed was she with her new impending career of Divaness. But she did throw you and your siblings a big party and she let you live with her for a while. Why and for what purpose is not clear, but you like to follow her around and mimic her moves. You even fantasize that the two of you are having an affair. Dream on.

In any case, don’t believe everything you hear. Diana had nothing to do with discovering The Jackson 5. It was Gladys.

Give the lady a little credit, bucko!

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