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Deep throat, you are into; deep thinking, you are not. You suffer from a small curvature of the spine. Maybe this blocks the flow of blood to your brain. In any case, it tends to cause your butt to stick out. Soon it will be the 60s and girls will be easy to please. It won't take much, a protruding butt, a rock-star lifestyle...simple tastes for simple women. You're in luck. You excel at flirting with the "birds" as you call them, although you are a bit bird-like yourself, thin and flightily. You excel at football and even play pro for two years in '61 and '62, although, as you admit, most of your action there is bench-side. So you decide to take another road to glory. You get into the music business. Guess why.

Your love of the art form

Your love of the female form

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