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Maybe Barry Manilow and Joe Jackson have to devote their lives to music because they look like nerds, but you choose to devote your life to your music. You become the male Janis Joplin. You acknowledge that in order to sing the blues, you must live the blues. You suffer for your art. You become the white Prince, playing every instrument on your albums. You are a musical influence on kids for decades and people actually study your box set which is called something like Good Musician or Adequate Artist instead of something lame like Storyteller.

But there are pitfalls with being a genius too. You become secluded in your brilliant eccentricity and you end up shunning the name Rod for the symbol ®. No one is allowed to ever refer to you in any shape or form because you are now a registered trademark, but you don't want money for your name. You just don't want to be referred to...ever!

Because no one is ever allowed to speak about you, you cease to exist.


The End.

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