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You probably never thought you'd have something in common with Victoria Principal, did you? But that's a quote she uttered in Behind the Music: Andy Gibb in the title line and she went through the same thing with Andy that you're going through with Kurt. You let Kurt's bandmates and friends convince you that an intervention is the only answer, even though you're inclined to let Kurt have the one thing that makes him feel better--heroin. The intervention doesn't go well. Kurt withdraws into himself. He allows himself to be sent to rehab but escapes a few days later. You're busy putting the finishing touches on your album Live Through This. Kurt calls to tell you, "No matter what happens, I want you to know you made a good record." He disappears for a few days and is found dead, snuffed out by a self-inflicted shotgun blast. His suicide takes place a week before your album is released. You wear Kurt's clothes, wander around the house, and cry. You call him an "asshole" at his memorial service and read his suicide note to his fans. Frances Bean starts talking to a tapestry of Jesus, believing the image to be her father. You find your own way to cope with the unimaginable grief and live through this.

Escape into the internet

Stage dive

Fight with a flight attendant

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