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Dennis fires guns in the house and tells you he thinks you're a witch. He's not speaking figuratively either. He intends to cast the evil out of you. When you try to leave, he slaps handcuffs on you. After a few days, you decide the House of Hopper might not be the best environment for your toddler. You flee in the middle of the night and divorce Dennis. The marriage lasted just eight days--annulment, anyone? Hopper gave Jack Nicholson his big break in Easy Rider, and Jack returns the favor by shacking up with you. He asks Dennis for permission, but, still, it had to hurt. Jack also screwed around with another of Hopper's ex-wives and one of his old girlfriends. I mean, what was going on there? Anyway, you can't stand to be alone, so you get serious with Jack. He buys the little house next to his big house for you and Chynna. He tells you he wants to marry you. Your reply?

Sure, why not?

Hit the road, Jack.

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