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You have fun with Jack for a few years, but you don't let it get too serious. Eventually, you tire of Jack's womanizing and dump his ass. Logically, you start seeing Warren Beatty who has such an impressive track record when it comes to fidelity. Warren gets permission from his best friend Jack to date you. Apparently, it doesn't bother you that Warren, Jack, and Dennis Hopper are all friends who have passed you around like a joint. You think with your crotch and, Warren, after all, is a hottie. You live with him for three years. Chynna grows quite attached to him. During this era, you make some really bad movies, including Valentino with Rudolf Nureyev. Of course, you have a fling with Nureyev too. Your movie career never takes off. What's an ex-Mama to do?

Labor in the TV ghetto.

Live off royalties/man of the moment. Have more kids.

Manage your daughter's singing career.

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