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You like it. And Joe has no problem with it. Katharine looks the other way as well. You learn all kinds of new things until you finally face a paternity suit at age 17. The police get involved because you are still a minor and your parents lose custody of you on the grounds of "lewd neglect." You are placed with the Cosby family. Bill manages to turn your life around. Although you like all the free Jell-O, Bill forces you into a sitcom series in order to give your life some stability. Then you are made to spend your off-hours catching up with school work. You wise up and go to college. You are so smart that you make it into Yale where you meet Brooke Shields and are bright enough to see that she’s a catch. You marry, have some kids and create your own variety series to showcase your talents for singing and dancing and hanging on the arms of celebrities.

What a happy ending for you, Michael. Congratulations.

The End.

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