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You and Janet have a meeting. Janet’s career has taken off with her album Control and then Rhythm Nation. She’s in the process of shedding a ton of weight for her next album and video Love Will Never Do Without You. Her image is about to change from cherubic innocent to erotic sex-pot. Both of you are shaken by Latoya’s claims and after a long soul-searching session, you and Janet decide to come clean, if not with the public busybodies, then with yourselves and you join Latoya in family therapy. It’s long and painful and eventually causes more plastic surgery to get you back to the way you once were. But you have now come to peace with yourselves and your history and can now be positive role models to your fans. You realize that controversy and pain only lead to hard times, not record sales. As you would have figured out soon enough, your wacky family dramas would have started to wear on your fans eventually. You never top the success of Thriller but you no longer feel you need to. You explore many different musical styles, become a mentor like Quincy Jones and die respected for overcoming your struggles and for the solid body of work you have produced instead of for the sad spiral you would have instead endured by repressing all your pain and taking it out on those who are paid to live with you.

The End

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