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No, you’re really bad. Thriller was the your crescendo, chart wise. But actually, nothing has yet lived up to the sheer artistry of Off The Wall…the joy, the grooves, the textures, your 'whoops' and 'hees' were then subtle and cool. Now, you have overdone them and you sound silly. Your songs are now simple and Disneyfied. We are no longer moved. You sound sheltered instead of hip. And your costumes give one the impression that you have lost touch…with reality. The bold, joyful, 70s confidence is gone. The whole attitude of Off The Wall has been erased and eclipsed by Thriller. But don't feel bad. Prince will never have another Purple Rain, Bruce Springsteen will never have another Born In The USA and Suzanne Sommers will never have another Three's Company.

That’s too Bad.

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