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There must have been some awkward pauses in the conversation, but you leap at Edward's invitation to collaborate on two new songs for a Greatest Hits collection. Visions of reunion tour success a la KISS have you bouncing off the walls and shooting off your mouth. Edward gets annoyed and after you record the songs and appear together at the 1996 MTV Awards, it's announced that Van Halen has a new singer--Gary Cherone, formerly of Extreme. You feel duped and write an angry manifesto that appears in the trade papers: "It sickens me that the "reunion" as seen on MTV was nothing more than a publicity stunt. If I am guilty of anything, I'm guilty of denial. I wanted to believe it just as much as anyone else." After denial comes acceptance. You've got to get on with your life. Or, if you're jus' a gigolo, life goes on without you.

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Play Danny Zucco in Grease on Broadway

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