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You develop a sudden and misguided crush on Susan Anton and decide to mold her to do your bidding much like Prince does with his harem of discoverables. You teach her to 'woo hoo hoo' and moonwalk and you put on a special USO-like show for the starving Ethiopians, many who fall over dead during you extended rendition of "Pretty Young Thing". USA for Africa isn’t the big event that you had planned but there is a spark between you and Susan that there never was with Brooke. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian power structure that is withholding food from the Ethiopians determines that you are a trespasser and enemy of the state and bombs your stage with bags of grain. Maybe stronger men would have prevailed but you are too fragile to withstand the onslaught of carbohydrate. You die but your audience survives. You become the martyr you always wanted to be.

The End.

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