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Latoya has too many other problems to even think about picking up Joe’s guitar. But one night, in a rage against Joe’s abuse, she takes the guitar and smashes it on the floor like Pete Townsend. Then she stomps on the pieces until they are nothing but sawdust on the floor. Joe punches her in the face and, while she is in the hospital, Katharine tells the doctors that Latoya ran into a wall. Silly kids. Katharine and Joe conspire to convince the doctors that Latoya is a nut-job and they let doctors take her away in a straight jacket. You and the rest of the clan are too afraid to speak up on her behalf. She was trouble anyway...always trying to hold press conferences all the time.

While at the insane asylum, Latoya writes a book about her dysfunctional family but everyone claims she is lying. Even sweet Janet turns against her. She dies young but happy in the knowledge that she prevented the Jackson 5 from ever happening. Therefore you grow up dysfunctional but without the truck-loads of cash necessary to indulge in crazy hobbies like collecting The Elephant Man’s bones or showing up at award shows with a chimp.

The End.

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