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Paul, Paul, Paul! What has he become? He was a Beatle, for crying out loud! He should be writing pop classics not dated singles. He's a bad influence on you, Michael, and you shouldn’t be hanging out with him at all. If you weren’t so star-struck then you would be able to resist the temptation to compete with sweet and animal-friendly but muscially uncool yokels like Paul. Paul has sold out. Don’t get sucked in. Who am I talking to? You do get sucked in and by the time you are 40, you are writing crud…total crapola. Worthless, uninspiring, untextured, uncatchy schlock. And it’s too bad because you've already spent all your Thriller and Off The Wall money on llamas. Oh well. That’s the way it goes. Your story isn’t extraordinary. It happens every day. Most rock stars can’t hold their money. You peter-out into obscurity. Other people cover your songs once in a while and Paul McCartney gets a royalty check. It doesn’t seem fair but there it is. Who you sleep with and how many kids you spawn is a mystery because nobody cares about your private life anymore. It’s like you’ve become Nancy Sinatra. But there's peace in Nancy-Sinatra-land. You may actually be happy there. We will never know. Because we don't care anymore, capiche?

The End.

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