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Yes, you give the beat a well-deserved rest. It doesn't have to 'go on' anymore. It's been a real trooper, that beat. But now the beat is dead. Unfortunately, congress attracts deadbeats. And the forces of not-so-100%-goodishness. Your daughter goes off to NYU film school to carry the family torch and become a thespian. So close, she becomes a lesbian. Mom flips a switch at first but eventually comes around. You give stoic private support but in your public office, you vote against her GLAAD-advocated bills. Meanwhile, you do all sorts of fund-raising for the cheese-ball Republicans, providing late-show comedians fodder for many punchlines; and the country at large remains convinced that large amounts of healthy living and west-coast sun can cause brain-damage in Southern Californian voters.

Now its winter and time for a family vacation.

You decide to go to London and take advantage of that huge Harrods sale.

You decide to go on a ski-trip for the umpteenth time.

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