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St. Lou Haiku


Big croquet wicket
That gleaming parabola
Has tiny windows


Peabody Coal sign
Was disembodied in sky;
Ghost in firework smoke


Lake of the Ozarks
Hoosier vacation mecca
Ski boats full of Busch


Grandma loved Grants Farm
Sweaty crowd of bored faces
Fly-ridden Clydesdales


Cahokia Mounds:
Go for the dioramas
Stay for the dirt piles


Proud food invention
Those toasted Raviolis
Deep-fried love nuggets


You St. Charles cheapskates!
Live by the bridge, die in slow
Rush hour increments!


Ba ba buh-bah ba
Ba buh-bah buh-buh-ba baaah
Wehrenberg theme rocks


Lived here. So did Bob Costas.
Not at the same time.


Blues fan wears jersey
Scraggly long hair peeks out from
Blues cap. Hey! Beer man!


Plaza Frontenac
Even in leopard jumpsuit
You're invisible


Mary Elizabeth Ladd & Julie Wiskirchen


St. Lou Haiku
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