Your Own
St. Lou Haikus


Haikus submitted by attendees at 
the St. Louis Book Festival


A World's Fair relic
Renewed with paint and care
A Forest Park gem

I like to play harp
My compact discs are so great
They help to soothe souls

Huge Amoco sign
Ever my highway beacon
Guide my lost car home

From Chicago I
Take 55 to the Lou
Watch Cubs lose four straight
                                 -- by Kathleen Leser

Seven leaves in Fall
Blow across old Eat-Rite sign,
Brighten the small cafe
                                    -- by Andrew Limanni

Books. Books. Books. Books. Books.
Hey you! Wanna buy my book?
It's self-promotion

World's Fair pavilion
Bobblehead dolls stare at me
Hey! Meta-haiku!


A Simple Wall
By Carl E. Ramsey

Mirrors, windows, and pictures
are sources of energy
and allow a simple wall
to show us what's inside,
outside, and somewhere else.


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