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Kevin Spacey: The Haiku Tribute

Christine Horace pays homage to her celebrity obsession

My Kevin Spacey "celebrity obsession" developed after I saw him in the critically acclaimed play, The Iceman Cometh. Through seeing the play and then reading it, I had a personal epiphany and took steps to better my life and follow my dreams.

In a recent Playboy interview, Spacey talks about what it is like to be well known. "Imagine sitting on the subway and the guy across from you is staring at you. He won't stop staring. You look, maybe smile, maybe wink. But nothing helps. At least I generally know why they're staring, but it can be unnerving. Sometimes it can be a delightful, pleasant experience. Other times it's just odd. But once again, their perceptions aren't necessarily the reality. It's fine if they discuss me, but they don't know me."

As part of my "celebrity obsession" I have written a collection of haikus based on my favorite Kevin Spacey roles/movies. Writing the haikus forced me to focus on not only Spacey's roles, but also at times, on my own feelings and desires.

My main motivation for writing the haikus was out of respect and admiration for Spacey's excellent body of work. I hope they are a delightful and pleasant experience.



Broadway show leads to
Kevin Spacey obsession
Why? I do not know.

The Iceman Cometh

Hey! Mr. Iceman,
I hear you are selling pipe dreams.
Can you save my soul?

On your Best Actor honor
You made Lester real

Inside The Actor's Studio

Actor's Studio
Host James Lipton hits on guest
Spacey. Who's gay now?

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Savannah, Georgia
Home to Mr. Jim Williams
Nouveau riche and gay

That Old Black Magic
Stage and screen are not enough
Sing it loud, Kevin!

L.A. Confidential

Sgt. Jack Vincennes
Smooth and swank like Dean Martin
Will you dance with me?

Accepts bribes from Sid
Celebrity crime stopper
Has a change of heart


Serial killer
Makes Mills shout, "What's in the box?"
Envy is his sin

Swimming with Sharks

Buddy Ackerman
Says, "Shut up, listen and learn.
Guy, you have no brain."

In my dreams I hear
Meet me at my house, midnight
Yea! Buddy wants me!

The Negotiator

Peace in his family is hard.
Daughter calls Mom wide

The Usual Suspects

When I first saw The
Usual Suspects I said,
"Wow! That's a great film!"

Special Agent Dave
Kujan falls for the story
Kint weaves. He's Soze.

Hurly Burly

Mickey, I don't like
Your blond hair. It looks like you
Can't afford good color.

Mickey claims friendship
With Eddie is adequate.
Sometimes the truth hurts

American Beauty

Les, I wish I was
Your American Beauty
Pumped up, full of life.

Taking charge
"Don't interrupt me, honey"
Lester says, "I rule!"

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